Captain Kale

Top Classic 105 fan and relationship coach Captain Kale is always bashing the other gender, women.

Kale’s remarks about women have always landed him in trouble with other callers of the station’s breakfast show. He doesn’t mince his words.

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Captain Kale, who’s popularly known as doctor love, has advised his followers not to mend broken hearts.

‘Don’t heal a heart you did not break. It is not your responsibility to reconstruct damaged goods. Don’t burden yourself with stuff you didn’t hurt unless they got hurt while in your life which is rare. Hey, life is too short to go picking after others. I dare say, if someone cannot set his/her past in order before coming to you, leave them alone,’ he wrote in part.


‘And you too, before moving in with another person, make sure you have healed from your past, sort your kosokoso kwanza. Do not go making an innocent man’s/woman’s life miserable for what is beyond his/her control. People should meet and enjoy love, not wiping tears again. And mark you, for some people, you’ll wipe their tears, then boom, wanarudiana, unaachwa hapo kwa mataa. Saitan!’

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