Kenyan billionaire Manu Chandaria has formalised his marriage to his wife of 64 years, Aruna Chandaria at the Attorney General’s office.

Chandaria is a Kenyan businessman of Indian descent.

He is the chairman and CEO of the comcraft group of companies that is in more than 40 countries.

Billionaire Manu Chandaria spends Ksh 3,900 only for his civil wedding

Manu Chandaria kisses his wife

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans.

One Kenyan said,

Imagine business mogul Manu Chandaria with all that money simply walked into the Attorney general’s office and formalized his marriage and that’s it.

Wewe naye hauna kakitu, you don’t even own a bicycle but you’re busy adding us to WhatsApp groups of your wedding committee.

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Another Kenyan goes on to congratulate the couple for staying true to each other for more than six decades.

Youth should embrace this…weka mtu kwa boma,Tengezeni pesa, Mjenge uaminifu..mkizeeka Ndo Muonane. ili mmoja akifa mwengine Atunze mali na watoto…hakuna atakaye Anza kuhanya mitaani.

Just when you think you have seen enough another Kenyan pointed out.

 Manu Chandaria been dating for 64 years but my 3 weeks girlfriend telling me i am not serious only that I said we will get married in September.

Another Kenyan sarcastically stated,

WAIT. BACK UP! Manu wasn’t formally married for 64 years?!

Billionaire Manu Chandaria formalizes his marriage to his wife of 64 years, #Aruna #chandaria; at the AG’s office. Is this a new SI Unit or a partnership litmus test?

Another adds,

Chics who’ve been in a relationship for 10 years but still ask their man “What are we?” are out of luck thanks to Manu Chandaria. 54 more years to go baybeee!!

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