Singer Wangechi has come out to warn her fans that having a romantic relationship with an artiste is a scam.

Wangechi tweeted, “Don’t date musicians. #selfcare.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen seconded this tweet with a “Facts💯.”

My mum thinks I have a spiritual husband!

Actor Ojiambo Ainea also confirmed this saying, “… the reason I have been single 16 years too complicated,” adding, “Relationships are not easy”

King of new age Benga, Dan Aceda commented on the post saying, “Ghaaaaaai … Sare Jo.”

A fan, @imwalagho1991 asked Wangechi, “Including you?”

The entertainer responded saying, “Yes, including me.”

Others pointed out other careers you should avoid dating from‏

@ChrisantosM advised, “Most importantly don’t date photographers.”

@prepaid_africa added, “Especially lead singers for heavy metal bands.”

Another @QuincyWandera also added, “Don’t date filmmakers!”

KOT responded to the tweet saying.

@_pepper5: Cause all they do is focus on singles.

@afric_anah: Celebrities as per say if you ain’t strong enough..they are taken as trophies by everyone and temptations will be many…‏

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@djzaq254: Nah ill date you give me the chance I won’t disappoint.‏

@Zeekimos: Okay, but the only coz you asked nicely😕

@NAXBUDDA: Kuna boychild musician amechoma huku 😂😂😂‏

@KibetKigen_: So when I see you in my DM…I run I run…or I give up give up 😂😂😂

@riscpek: Who is supposed to date them??

@NarcosTacos: You can never own anyone, just shared experiences. That’s all.‏

@Hanstilen: I want to date you hehehehe

DJ Presley 254: Why? Na vile I have A crush on you? 😭😭😭😭

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