Harmonize and Diamond

Fans of singer Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz have been comparing these two artists in a bid to determine who is greater in the bongo music industry.

Well, in a recent interview with Wasfi FM, the Kainama singer came out to ask fans to stop comparing them, so as to avoid hatred between he and Diamond.

Harmonize, however, believes that Diamond is proud to be associated with him because he is the one that got Konde Boy to the music industry.

Diamond yuko proud kushindanishwa na mimi. Kwenye career yake ameshindanishwa na watu kama Ali Kiba, Ommy Dimpoz, Ben Pol, Rich Mavoko, hao watu wote ni watu waliotoka kwingine, lakini ikifika anashindanishwa na msanii ambaye amemtengeneza, he is so proud. I belive he is so proud, he has made me be Harmonize.

Addig that;

Lakini,Vikizidi sana vinatengeneza chuki.

I’m not fighting to be number one in the game. I wanna leave the legacy. I just wanna be Harmonize. Tusitengeze vitu vinavyoleta chuki.

Diamond harmonize


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