Kanze Dena

Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena is a great mother. The single mother of one, who co-parents with her baby daddy, is a happy for this far she has come and she is celebrating her son’s 12th birthday.

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The Swahili news anchor has revealed that her son, Amani, has asked her to do the following things and she must adhere to that.

“Amani: ‘ Mum am officially 12 today a “PRE TEEN” and some things need to change:

1. No hugging hugging all the time.

2. Don’t call me baba/baby etc call me by name

3. I would like to have control of my wardrobe.

4. Please allow me to have opinions and make decisions. Am your son …but not a baby.

Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena showered her son with love and she thanks God for the precious gift.

“How fast he has grown… I can only thank God for thus far we have come…and I continue to profess Isaiah 11: 2 – 5 upon your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MWANAnGU.”

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In another post, Kanze thanked all parents for the pieces of advice they gave her and she wrote:

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes to PRE TEEN… Thank you for the encouraging words on following the Terms and conditions of this New season.. All I have to say in my defense “Nilikubeba tumboni mwangu for 9 months.. wewe ni baba/baby Forever’…( isn’t that every mothers best defense line/blackmail line.. 😂😂😂)”
But I will support your new season ili usije kusumbua mtoto wa wenyewe in future.. 😂 …” Mbarikiwe wapendwa.”

Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena would be a mother of two children but she lost her daughter when she was still young. (Click on the link below to read the full story)

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