Prince Nillan with Zari Hassan
Prince Nillan with Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan is still being celebrated after her bold move to end things with Diamond Platnumz.

She had gone through so much being with him; from suffering cheating scandals to his constantly being associated with multiple lovers.

Zari and Diamond

So on Valentines Day, Zari was like “enough is enough!” She penned down a touching breakup message and posted it for the world to see and that is how the ‘East African power couple’ dissolved.

A M.O has since been noticed. Diamond picks a lady, toys with her emotions then dumps her leaving her heart broken. Funny thing about these Tanzanian ladies, they vent their frustrations on social media.


Zari and Diamond have two kids together, Nilan Dangote and Tiffa Dangote. The son, Nilan is growing up fast and based on the fact that he has money at this age means he will grow up rich. Women will probably flock to him but one thing his mother begs of him is that he does not follow the footsteps of his father, Diamond.

Basically, Zari told him he should be a darling to the women he dates. Breaking their hearts should not even be an option. I Guess that will work every time he thinks about his sister…

Lil man out here growing so fast, please don’t break hearts💔 in future coz this cuteness is overloaded

Zari must be heartbroken by the breakup. Heartbreaks are normal, yes but when you love someone so much it becomes a hard thing to move on from that love. She does not want her son to break other peoples hearts considering that she is all about women empowerment.

Other than that, Zari is making some serious career moves. She was here (Kenya) two weeks ago and she brought down the house in a massive show. The event Colour purple was all about women and from that she walked away with a good amount of money.

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