Willis Raburu and the wife are mourning the death of their first born daughter.

She was a still birth.

Marya Prude spoke up for the first time expressing her feelings about the heart wrenching loss.

She wrote on her Instagram stories, saying, God deserted her at her point of need.

Check out the screenshots below.

All about ADEM, the illness that put Betty Kyallo’s daughter in ICU

A city pastor known as Sam Kamau of CLJ Maranatha encouraged the couple. Telling them, “God does not answer the question, ‘Why’.”

Read his long post below.

“Offense is deep and painful especially when it is against God.

What do you do when a loving God takes from you the thing that you loved most?

XhPastor Sam Kamau

JESUS, What did you do when God allowed men to shame you, mock you then crucify you yet you were His only son?

JOHN THE BAPTIST, What did you do when you preached righteousness then Herod cut off your head and carried it on a silver platter?

JOSEPH, What did you do when you took off from Potiphar’s seductive wife but God allowed you to land in prison?

ABRAHAM, What did you do when you waited to have a baby when you were old and frail and then the same God demanded that you offer as sacrifice the same son He gave you when you were 99 years with no hope of getting another?

List of fatal accidents involving the Boeing 737

BISHOP POLLYCAP, son of JOHN THE REVELATOR, What did you do when they asked you to deny Jesus and after you refused, they sawed you into two during which they would stop and amidst your excruciating pain ask you whether you still LOVE

MY SAVIOUR? Child of God, what do you do when God seems so far away… Job said: “EVEN THOUGH HE SLAYS ME, YET, I WILL PRAISE HIM.” ELIJAH THE TISHBITE, what did you do after Jezebel vowed to slaughter you after GOD HAD USED YOU to show HIS MIGHT at the mount of Conquest?

Pastor Sam Kamau

As you go through challenges this year, you need to know God in another dimension. A dimension where no matter what happens, GOD IS SOVEREIGN. Jesus told John while he was in prison; “BLESSED IS THE MAN THAT IS NOT OFFENDED OF ME!” Yet even after that, John still lost his head…


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