Do you think God exists? If yes, do you believe in him? Well, a popular Ghanian Hip-life singer Belinda Ekua Amoah shocked many after she revealed that she doesn’t believe in the  existence of Jesus Christ, originator of Christianity.

Belinda who was raised up in a Christian family, said that she discovered through research that the whole talk about the existence of Jesus Christ and his supernatural abilities was nothing but a myth.

In an interview with one of the TV stations in Ghana, the sexy singer was asked if she believed in Jesus Christ and her response was: “Trust me, I don’t believe in that anymore…I don’t want to offend anybody. I used to believe in ‘it’ but eerrmm, I did my own research and I think ‘it’ was made up but I might be wrong; but by my own research, it was made up. Because the same story 5000 years ago happened in Egypt…Horus’ mother was a virgin…He did miracles, he had disciples at the age of 12.”

She further added that: “I used to believe in ‘it’. I prayed in tongues. I can pray in tongues right now. I actually prayed in my room one time until the room was filled up in smoke…but now trust me, I will not believe in it anymore.”