Diamond and Tanasha

On Wednesday afternoon, Diamond Platnumz held a press conference with Tanzanian journalists.

It was first speculated that he was going to talk about his break up with Kenyan singer and model Tanasha Donna.


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It turned out that he was signing an ambassadorial deal with a paint company.

The press conference, however, had a serious embargo – No mentioning Tanasha.

The journalists were instructed to stick to the product launch and Diamond as the brand’s face and not ask about his scandalous breakup.

Well, it was not a joke as this saw the journalists invited to the presser tow the line.


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A journalist attempted to flaunt the rules and tried asking Diamond what his current stand is with regards to a romantic relationship with Tanasha.

Before he could finish the question, the microphone was grabbed from his hand. He was not given a chance to ask another question.

This press conference comes just days after Tanasha indirectly revealed that she and the Tanzania star were not an item anymore.

Was it mere coincidence that the press conference was help after the break-up or is it pure kismat?

Photos: The house Diamond bought for Tanasha