25-year-old Nigerian superstar Davido has set the bar high after he bought his girlfriend, Chioma Avril Rowland a Porsche Cayenne worth Sh12.3 million. The question is, can a Kenyan artiste pull the same? Or who is next to pull such a stunt?

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Davido's girlfriend Chioma

Davido is the talk of the town and every woman wants to have such a great man.

Well, Davido splashed the millions after he dedicated a song titled Assurance for his girlfriend on her birthday. In the song, Davido opened up about how Chioma stood by him through all the journey of his fame.

“I give my baby ASSURANCE!!! I love you baby!! WE IN THIS 4 LIFE!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 Chioma !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIOM CHIOM !! FROM ME TO YOU!! I BOUGHT MY BABY A PORSCHE!! 🔥🔥🔥,” he shared on his Instagram accompanied by the video below.

Chioma, who is a year older, is a professional chef and it seems that’s why Davido stuck with her. Check out photos from the the birthday party of the lucky woman warming Davido’s bed.




Davido’s gift to girlfriend










The If hit singer and Chioma have been dating for five years now but what has surprised many is that Davido sired two kids with different baby mamas.

Check out reactions from Africans

Thesupernova: Lol….at least a real man gives his woman assurance,not the other way round!! 😭😭

Natalia Wanjiru: Venye nlibaiwa mutura ya 100 nikaona hakuna kama Mimi duniani

Femotechno: To all the ladies, He has 30 billion, he gave 45 million. That’s like giving her 45 nairas out of 30,000 nairas as a birthday gift.

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Susannana: This is the kind of men we need and deserve not these broke ass niggers

Ay comedian: @davidoofficial you don’t have respect. I need to rush and go and block you from appearing on my wife’s timeline… This PORSCHE ASSURANCE gift to @thechefchi is too much for your age na. How much @miraclebigbrother win after waiting on the lord for 3 months in #bbnaija2018? God punish any man wey one begin type one page of poem give woman for instagram tomorrow morning all in the name of birthday wishes. @midas_interiors, the good lord told me you don’t want designer, you don’t want Ferrari but my love. All these are the things of the world, lets just continue to serve the living God and avoid #yorubademons like these lazy Nigerian OBO youth. in short make God scatter this world make everybody start afresh 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #assurance

Obinna Odumodu David: That’s his life and his money and his girlfriend true love or not it doesn’t matter to me HBD to her.

Chioma's Davido's girlfriend.jpg

Esther Sue: So these musicians can love foreal na vile wanakaaga f*ckboys


Brendauche: What are we doing wrong?

Miz.rere: Other men, take notes

Veterankelv: Now all the girls want to be davidolized😂😁😀😅 #assurance
Gracey Akpan I’m glad he finally found a woman to love now I’m beginning to think he was high all de while he was cuming inside those baby mamas cos I never heard anything like yjeir love life displayed this way

Q Tash Njoroge: Aki nimefeel

Hollar__hollar: Davido is the best in Africa

Peppy Chidinma Akaniro: All over my timeline… it’s Davido, Chioma and Porsche of 45 million that I see.
Most of the girls are tapping into the blessing while the guys are shouting “Chioma cooks day and night for David… but you don’t want to cook for your guy”.

I’m just here wondering if we are all processing the same information.
Davido says he has been dating Chioma for 5 years.
Within the 5 years, he got 2 different women pregnant… had 2 children by them… had other girlfriends he flaunted openly… suddenly all these things don’t matter any more and everyone is shouting ASSURANCE… GOALS!!!

What goals exactly? To be openly disrespected for years while in a relationship, and suddenly he decides the love is driving him crazy? To keep your relationship low key for years while flaunting other girls and one day he realizes his mistake and decides he wants to give you lifetime assurance and a Porsche??? What exactly is the goals here??

Someone posted “Dear girls, it’s better to be the main chick than the side chick. After 2 baby mamas, Davido still came back to his girl. Love is real.” Really??? Because of Porsche, exotic trips and shopping? Suffering has confused all of us in this country.

To all the girls looking for their own Davido, be careful what you wish for. If this is the precedent you want for your relationship I applaud you. We must be mindful of the type of prayers we say.

Your faithful boyfriend that sends you 10k when you need it is goals. Don’t be deceived by the glitz and glamor. What is the context? What is the content?
May we not crave relationships that will break our hearts and belief in humanity just for some temporary glamour.

To all those who are in real love relationships… you all are the MVP!!! Keep winning.
Love over everything.