Nasty sexual fantasies

A lady identified as Nackam4mee on social media is out here giving pieces of advice to fellow women. The lady has shared a list of things women should not entertain from their partners.

Nackam4mee has advised women to leave their relationship if their partners possess the following characters.

  1. If all he does is demand sex but doesn’t care about your life, mental and emotional health, well-being, family, career, business, future and other very important aspects of your life, then that’s more than enough signs that he doesn’t love, care and deserve you.

2. If he doesn’t satisfy you sexually but always satisfies himself. Most men are very selfish and always want sex whenever they are horny but are quick to give excuses when it’s the other way round. Women are natural givers; they tend to sacrifice often and have sex with whom they love even when they are not in the mood. So if he always turns down your request without any genuine reason, then you need to call it off with him to avoid “stories that touch in the future“.

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3. If he his a two seconds man now popularly known as “Indomie ambassador” and he his not willing to seek help to resolve it or do anything about it but rather defends himself and makes you feel like you are the problem, you need to excuse him ASAP.

4. If all he does and talks with you is about sex, request nudes and doesn’t care and support you in other very important areas of your life, other than buying you temporary and flashy things that won’t really make you become an empowered woman. Then you need to quickly emancipate yourself from this sexual slavery and bondage you call a relationship or else you will end up being a loser and amount to nothingness. God forbid.

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5. If he his too holier than thou and he his a firm believer of no sex before marriage, then you need to investigate more about his sexual reproductive health to ensure he isn’t impotent. This is not because we disagree with religious beliefs but rather we have discovered that most men use in the name of religious beliefs to spiritualize their inefficiency and end up entrapping young ladies through marriage

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