First_Lady_Michelle_Obama_thanks_U.S._Department_of_Agriculture_USDA_employees_for_their_service_and_dedication_at_the_Jefferson_Auditorium_USDA_on_Friday_May_3_2013_Pic_3/commons wikimedia

Michele Obama is a distinguished woman of worth. This trained lawyer married a man that was a community organizer with “dreams from his father” that would later on transcend the pantheon of power, the presidency of the USA.

While many maintain that behind a strong man is a woman, I have modified it. Behind men who have made it is a woman (wife) who was smart and patient enough to tough it out with their struggling significant other. They saw the potential.

President_Barack_Obama_First_Lady_Michelle_Obama_and_daughters_Malia_and_Sasha_pose_for_a_family_portrait_with_Bo_and_Sunny_in_the_Rose_Garden_of_the_White_House/commons wikimedia

And Michele did so with Barack, not only supporting his senatorial bid but also supporting him when he declared himself his candidacy for the presidency.

But one thing that has struck me as odd is that she has only visited Kenya once. And that was when Barack was still a senator in 2006. In that trip Michele and their daughters accompanied him.

But that would prove to be the last time we would see either her or their children on Kenyan soil. Barack came back to Kenya in 2015 as the sitting US president and she wasn’t present.

Barack and Michelle Obama_at_the_Home_States_Ball
Barack and Michelle Obama_at_the_Home_States_Ball/commons wikimedia

This week she had the opportunity to redeem herself but she instead opted to go to South Africa. This rankles me.

You have an opportunity to visit your in-laws home but decline twice. To do what? Go to South Africa? This begs the question? Is it that she doesn’t like her in-laws from Kogelo or is a there a fire burning in SA that only she can put out?

Barack_and_Michelle_Obama_watching_a_wedding/commons wikimedia

On this one, I have no answers just speculation. However, it is sad when your kith and kin refuse to visit your homeland even for one day. Really sad! I ain’t Barack but I am offended for him, his in-laws and for Kenyans in general.

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