Diamond Platnumz Tattoo

Diamond Platnumz has shared his tax documents showing what he pays to the Tanzanian revenue authority for his company WCB.

The singer owns a record label, a TV and radio station and a music production under him.

Well, Diamond shared on his Instastories the tax documents having paid 54 million Tanzanian shillings. This is equivalent to Ksh 2, 484, 000.

The instatories were accompanied by the caption

Tukilipa kodi, nchi yetu itajengeka zaidi

Kulipa kodi kunamrahisishia rais wetu kuijenga nchi vizuri na kwa haraka

(When we pay tax, we build our country. It will help our president to build our country well and fast)

This comes after the revelation that he pays Tsh 40 million (Ksh 1, 840, 000) rent for his mansion that is located in some leafy suburbs of Dar Es Salaam.

(Video) The exterior of Diamond Platnumz’ mansion that is worth millions