Kenyan couple

Love is a beautiful thing.

It has no boundaries and young couple Julius and Elsie Waiganjo are a great example.

The lovebirds tied a knot recently but before that, they went through a lot.

Their dating period was faced by several challenges but they never gave up. Elsie was diagnosed with Leukemia – cancer of the blood.

Kenyan couple

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The couple’s story was shared on Samanta Bridal’s youtube channel leaving many touched.

I was diagnosed with leukemia and my parents were going through a nasty separation.
During the same time, the person I was dating cheated on me. It was a crazy moment
and I didn’t tell anyone other than him that I had cancer,’ Elsie narrated.

Elsie Waiganjo

With her parent’ situation, she opted not to tell them what she was going through. She kept it a secret even from her brother, whom she kept encouraging that all would be well despite what they were facing.

I kept it to heart and used to go for chemotherapy alone. Chemo is crazy when you go for chemo you become weak. I would lay in bed for like two days after chemo sessions. 

Julius an orphan was the closest friend Elsie had at that time. He said,

It was very bad. I felt for her because at the same time she was going through a lot but remained strong. mind you this [cancer] is something people have said it cannot be cured.

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The two then took their friendship to another level – dating.

When we decided to date she was still not opening up to me. She told me ‘I can’t date you’ because a doctors told her she had six months to live and here I am telling her I love you.

So she was telling me I can’t date you because I’m going to die soon. I don’t what to hurt you and leave you alone.

Julius, a Christian said he always encouraged Elsie and was there for her but…

At the back of my head, I was very scared.

Julius Waiganjo

Elsie reminisced how her mother discouraged her from marrying Julius.

Why are you dating Julius? You’re going to leave the man a widow. You leave him a widower at the end of the day. You need to first focus on your health make sure you’re well before you decide to marry him.

The two stuck together during the trying moments and Julius said ‘by God’s grace I stood by her.’

After 12 chemo sessions, Elsie decided she wasn’t going for treatment (chemo) again. We decided to have faith in God. because in our church Winner’s chapel we’re taught about having this crazy faith. We decided to take in this crazy faith and I told her you’re not going for any chemo we’re just going to pray.

she’s healed now and we went for check-ups and the doctor said she was cancer free,’ Julius explained.

After the doctor’s report, Elsie said,

it was a shock…finally I can live my life. It was a good feeling when I was declared cancer-free.

She added,

What scared me about cancer is that you can’t bear children when you go through chemo you’ll still lose that child. I was battling with a lot of things like if I got married to him what if I die or I wouldn’t give him children.

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Many have been moved by their touching story and reactions include;

Chavoh Flo Thank you for the encouragement. God Bless you so much. Happy marriage life

Sylvia Israel Where are these kinds of men? With faith, love, patience, perseverance? Where are they? Husband GOD bless you, sir. GOD bless you, sir. GOD bless you both. Your testimony and trust in GOD is amazing.

Nyangi Nyar Nyanza I like her happiness on that special day… Glory to God.

Joy Rose Mwangi Hey gal, you will live to see your great-grandchildren for by His stripes we are healed COMPLETELY!!