An Australian surgeon has developed a non-surgical penis enlargement process which can increase the width by one inch for up to two years.

The debate on whether size really matters has been going on for long and people never seem to agree on the topic. But by the look of things most men prefer being endowed rather than lacking in that department.

Insecurities in the bedroom, ridicule and a lack of self confidence in the bedroom is one among many other reasons pushing men to seek this process to keep up with the performance.


According to Perth plastic surgeon Dr Jayson Oates, more than 100 Australian men aged from 22 to 68 have undergone the non-surgical girth augmentation, which can increase their width by one inch for up to two years. The process named Calibre, is an alternative to ‘painful and invasive surgery’ that can’t be reversed.

Dr Oates told Daily Mail Australia he came up with the technique after he noticed a stream of male patients complaining of feeling inadequate and asking how they can improve their penis size.


‘Your penis is often termed your manhood and if you have this feeling that your manhood isn’t adequate than that puts a strain on you,’ he said.

‘For a lot of guys it’s that locker room type thing – you’re at the gym and the showers are all open and you’re feeling self-conscious of this area of your body.’

‘A lot of guys have shrinkage and if you’re self-conscious about it and then it shrinks, it makes you feel even more self-conscious.


According to Dr Jayson meeting a lady who had dermal fillers which are often injected into the face to ward off wrinkles – placed in her breasts, instead of undergoing a breast augmentation made him start the manhood enhancement process.

‘It made me think – we do it in the face, why not do it down there,’ he said

Dr Oates began researching the effect dermal fillers could have on the penis and began performing the procedure two years ago.

‘We wanted it to be safe. Various permanent fillers are used in Mexico and Korea and some guys are fine, but we can also see these terrible results as well with lots of lumps and bumps and when it’s permanent there’s not much you can do,’ he said.

During the procedure, a man’s penis is numbed before it is injected with the dermal fillers – which last about two years and can be topped up.

The penis width is increased by about one inch and doesn’t not shrink as much as normal, Dr Oates said.

‘We’re not creating these monster penises, they’re not turning into donkeys or anything,’ he joked.

It is a walk in, walk out procedure that takes about an hour and there is no recovery time, he continued.

‘It needed to be totally painless – most guys aren’t that brave really,’ Dr Oates said.

He said most of his patients have what is considered an average sized penis.

‘We’ve had some guys who have a slightly smaller penis but the vast majority are entirely average standard. A few are already big guys who just want to be bigger.’

‘No such thing as too much of a good thing in this area.’

Clinical Psychologist Dr Gemma Sharp, who works with Dr Oates in assessing patients’ needs, told Daily Mail Australia a desire to increase their partner’s sexual satisfaction is another motivating factor for men.

‘It ties in to sexual prowess and masculinity,’ she said.