Our Ethiopian bae, Nabayet has opened up about a number of issues. Among them is her relationship with Otile Brown and his ex, Vera Sidika.

Nabayet revealed that she is still dating Otile.

Nabayet revealed that it took alot to open up about her life.

“I usually don’t say much but I’m an open book when it comes to my life and everything to do with me but when it involves another person, I might hold back a little.You will know everything in due time so please don’t take it personally if I have missed some of your questions. Nonetheless, It’s been an absolute blast getting to know you all this past weekend♥️ love youuuuuusssss for real!”

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However, she was kind enough to oblige a fan who asked her about Vera Sidika.

“Do you hate Vera Sidika?”

Nabayet was shocked by the question. She responded to the fan saying,

Why on earth? I actually admire female hustlers.

Nabayet Vera Sidika
Nabayet on Vera Sidika

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