Khaligraph Jones

We all know Khaligraph Jones as a hardcore rapper both in and out of the booth. Not once have we seen him ruffled and out of control.

In an interview with, Khaligraph talked about life and how he started out as a leader.

We asked the BET Awards nominee id he has ever cried. He said,

“I believe what causes a person to cry is emotions and there are certain extreme emotions that in no matter how gangster or the hardest person you are in the world, we are not immune to emotions.”

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Khaligraph JonesHe added,

“My dad and my little brother passed away those are extreme situations that will lead event the hardest person in the world to cry. So situations determine but the OG is the OG and the OG is also a human being.”

Khaligraph’s leadership skills were shaped back when he was in high school. The rapper was at the Brucewood High School, a private mixed day school located in Kayole, Embakasi.

“I was the head boy. I was bigger than all the other students, this was in form two. I was also strong-willed and big-headed. The thing with me is, I have always been confident, even if I don’t have it and I’m always proud of what I have. And because of my character, the headteacher appointed me as the head boy from form two all the way to the fourth form.”

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Khaligraph continued,

“And I was performing my duties to the letter. I’m a professional, I did not become one as a musician, my work culture was inculcated from way back. When the headteacher would instruct me to what needed to be done, I made sure everything was done to completion and the satisfaction of the headteacher.”