When DnG blocked me on Instagram, I felt like it was a juvenile move, simply because I am a journalist whose work is to report. The article I wrote was how rapper T-Pain put the MC to shame. Upon reading the article, the dude went to my gram and blocked my a**.

After Failing At Marriage, DNG FINALLY Resurface With A Hot 23 Year Old Eye Candy (PHOTOS)

Prior to that, I would see him comment on every girl’s photo on my timeline. Heart emojis, heart emojis. “Looking good” is always a constant complement. He’s worse than Willy Paul, who is a perpetual fisi.

FINALLY! DNG Opens Up About What Led To His Divorce

Now, an endless trove of girls have surfaced to call out the EVER THIRSTY celebrity on Twitter. The thread is going viral as you read this, with more and more ladies saying how he DMd them over and over, despite them not replying to his sorry a**.

Most of them are young university students.

One of them was like, “I just don’t understand whats with the following and unfollowing 😂only to like pictures from months ago and go like “looking good” in the Dm 😂like its super weird”

Some even called it CREEPY.

Look at this. This is a whole sh*tload of embarrassment.

dng kenya

dng kenya

dng kenya

dng kenya