Yommy Johns
Yommy Johns

2018 has been a game changer in the media industry. From top media houses like BBC raiding local media houses for A-list journalist, this year will be written in the history books.

Well, the newly launched Switch TV owned by Red Cross has not been left behind and has also acquired the services of veteran journalists in various fields. Sports journalist Nick Mudimba, Remmy Majale, Shaffie Weru, Grace Msalame, Nzula Makosi etc.

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The station is targetting the youth aged between 18-35 years and will air more of entertainment, lifestyle, sports, talk shows, and less news.

Below is a list of journalists who will be working with the new TV station


1. Remmy Majala
2. Shaffie
3. DNG
4. Tamima Ibrahim
5.Kush Tracy
6. Nzula Makosi
7. Jackie Matubia

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News anchors 

Victor Ogalle from KTN
Nick Mudimba- News Anchor/ Head of Sports
Leah Ngari- former KBC anchor

Technical department has porched the entire KTN team led by former KTN production manager Kibisu Mulanda.

Citizen TV, K24, NTV also poached journalists from the Kenyan media industry.

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