Event’s hype-master DNG is not one for mincing his words. He is not the former church boy who would bite his tongue and diplomatically assess a situation and give a tame opinion. DNG has changed.

The award winning rapper turned events afficionado says whatever comes to mind. No sieving required. It is all fun and games, until he dragged his ex-wife, Yvette Nungari through mad. Read what DNG wrote about her on his social media.

‘My Ex-Wife Had A Really Dark Heart And SHITTY PERSONALITY!’ Confesses DNG

Since then, DNG has been penning snide comments about women. If he is not writing borderline mysogynistic posts about women, he can be seen daggering pretty young damsels at events and simulating sexual acts on them. The good boy, is no-longer there. He. Is. Gone. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Don’t go looking for him.

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DNG showed his support for Melania Trump in a social media post that also insulted Kenyan women whose nudes have been leaked on the Team Mafisi Telegram Channel.

“We g@ shawties hating on Melanie Trump because of her past, but they’ve got their nudes circulating on the Team Mafisi group! Worse of, some didn’t take time to shave yo! ???? #DoubleStandards #HolierThanThou #SitDaFDown”

DNG added, “The most loud mouthed are the ones asking for credo on WhatsApp.”



Here is the sausage-fest that flocked to the comments section to spew more misogynistic comments about women.

Githu Dru Babz She tha 1-Ldy, hio taka taka ingine,sote tunajua kazi ya social-media nikuchocha Ufalaa.. Na atleast she’l breathe in sm swag,in2 dat shit

Abel Nson And they are damn broke. ..at least Melanie is damn rich! !!????????????

Muscat Moreno Hahaha…Davidson Dng Ngibuini it’s #NoShaveNovember so don’t blame them if they dint shave man, plus mafisi do well in the bushy areas! #NapitaTu

Davidson Dng Ngibuini Karura zi bro…Tunataka Lami!! ????

Kevoo Sleepyy no going down knowing you willl need a tooth pick afterwards.lol

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