Kenyan gay Robettah

Controversial Kenyan gay Robettah is never afraid of speaking his mind. Christened, the sexiest gay in Kenya by social media users, Robettah has revealed that he has no time for broke me.

‘I was Born This Way!’ Fearless Son Of Rich Kenyan Tycoon Transforms Into A Homosexual (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Robettah has told off broke men in a fierce message he shared with his followers. He says his DM is only open to rich men.

“Controversy over this house is REAL!! BITCHEZ WILL HATE but truth is you will never bring me down 😂😂..
I will fuck for money 💰,even when am A REAL KASS FAMILY MEMBER!! never hit my DM if you NOT a tycoon 😒.. My life is a MOVIE.. DON’T TOUCH THE DIAL 😘”

Nowadays, gay men in Kenya are never afraid of showing off their affection for each other in public unlike before.

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Kenyan gay Robettah



It’s also worth noting that popular Kenyan gay rights activist and self confessed homosexual Binyavanga Wainaina will walk down the aisle early next year with his Nigerian lover.

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