The trio of DK Kwenye Beat, Moji Shortbabaa and Guardian Angel have released a new video.


You’ve seen a few of these gospel artists going all the way to our Nigerian Oga brothers just to do a collabo and bill it as gospel yet they are collaborating with top secular artists.

We wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth -whether or not this is indeed gospel so we asked the trio what they think about the fact that artists are doing worldly hits and calling it gospel and they had a lot to say.

Moji Shortbabaa took a spiritual turn and he said that he believes if one is called upon by the lord and they say God spoke to them and told them to do a certain song with whoever then we as man have no reason to refute that.

He said:

there is one game changer when it comes to Christians because someone will say God led one to do, then we are in no position to argue with God in anyone’s life as a gospel artist. So if God has led you to do a song with a secular artiste then go ahead because the fruits will always bare at the end, good or bad fruits

They were basically not against such collaborations because one should not be confined in a box as long as they have a message to deliver to their fans.

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Guardian also echoed to Moji’s words saying gospel is all about personal perspective, it all depends on what one considers gospel: everyone has their own experience and background history.

Other than that their song is quite a good song, something you could listen to any day! Shout out to the trio!