DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat is in a world of hurt at the moment. The gospel musician has been thrown into the spotlight after some troubling allegations surfaced earlier this week.

DK decided to issue an apology for his actions. He was even interviewed by fellow gospel artiste Size 8 during his apology/damage control tour. He even posted the videos on his Instagram page. Many gospel celebs closed ranks and decided to support him.

DK Kwenye Beat
The musician is in the eye of the storm

But a disturbing audio that we have in our possession seems to pour cold water on his apology. In the audio whose authenticity we have tried to validate, a few men are heard speaking about the accusations against DK.

A person who sounds like DK is heard speaking about the allegations saying:

Mimi Instagram nimeongea nini Ombe?…Kitu moja anafaa a do…hizi mang’ori haziishangi. Sidhani mimi nitaisort kinyumbani.

A friend is then heard offering some legal advice. A voice that sounds like DK interjects telling him:

Huyo si underage…sio akona i.d

The friend continues by telling a person we presume to be DK Kwenye Beat:

Ka ingekuwa rapecase dame angeenda kureport.

A voice which sounds like DK responds by telling him:

What is the evidence?

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

The group is then heard speaking amongst themselves about a certain post on Instagram. The post they refer to speaks about “Stamina Daddy”. N.B-Stamina Daddy is the DK Kwenye Beat’s Twitter page.

Exclusive! DK Kwenye Beat aka Stamina Daddy anapenda ngono!

The group is even heard joking about the post and speaking about the followers DK might get from all the attention. Then one of them tells the group that the worst thing that could happen in the situation was jail time. Then as the audio progresses, we hear someone who sounds like DK shouting:

Huyo si mtoto?! Na iko wapi hiyo evidence nilimpiga mti? Kama nilimpiga mti miezi tatu wapi O.B(occurrence book)? Niekwe ndani, nifungwe ndani…Ikowapi evidence nilimpiga mti?

After some quips from his friends the voice that sounds like DK Kwenye Beat added:

Mimi sijipigi kifua ndiyo ni relax! Huyo dame…atanilosia Christine(this word is hard to ascertain with the poor audio). Ata jimurder na akijimurder itakuwa responsibility ya nani?

Listen to the audio below:

We contacted DK Kwenye Beat about the audio but he refused to respond to our queries.

DK Kwenye Beat screenshots
The screenshots
DK Kwenye Beat screenshots
The screenshots

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