Khaligraph Jones has finally found someone to sell what he calls his old junk.

Dj Shiti had shown some interest in buying Papa Jones’ Range Rover but he just couldn’t afford it then. He has now made enough money to hit the 3 million mark and has bought it. From a post on social media, his smile was so wide that we could tell he is pretty excited.

DJ Shiti

This Range Rover had caused a lot of controversy a while back. Eric Omondi had come out to bash Khaligraph for accepting gifts from old women. The funny thing about this was that Eric embarrassed Khaligraph when he went to pay for his fuel refill saying Khali cannot afford maintenance of the Range.


Dj Shiti ameangukia this time around. He is an actor at the very popular show on KTN, Real House Helps of Kawangware which opened so many doors for him. The job landed him other jobs such as brand ambassadorial gigs and advertising. This is the same route we have also seen Njugush take and it earned him a Ksh 2.7 million car.

Khaligraph Jones posted on social media wishing him the very best but then threw shade at Eric Omondi saying that if DJ Shiti ever lacks fuel, he knows who to call.

Congratulations @djshiti_trhk Finally alifika Bei sasa Range ni Yake, Good luck Bro, Mafuta ikiisha kwa barabara dont hesitate to call @ericomondiatakusaidia

Dj Shiti also surprised his fans when he said he wants to feature in a collabo with Khaligraph Jones calling himself an OG. He broke down a list of the payments he has put to earn the car including a down payment of 6000.

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wadau nichangishieni ninunue hata tairi yahii gari @khaligraph_jonesAmenihurumia akaniuzia bei ya Jioni… nishampatia ﹰElufu SITA Naameniambia nilipie polepole…. Pia nilimnunulia lunch nanikamsambazia credit ya bamba 100… I think hizo pia niweke kwa record….Lakini kubwa zaidi Nisaidieni Maoni kuhusu COLLABO Moto Ambayo Tunatoa Soon 👏✊ #RespectTheOGsz