Margaret Wanyama has been on an online campaign asking that her name be cleared after she exposed her torrid affair with DJ Mo.

She contacted Mpasho saying that her account was hacked by one of her best friends and that she did not expose the gospel DJ or leak his family jewels to blogger Edgar Obare.

Her bitter ex-pal did all that.

However, she was caught in her lies after a video of her in a live conversation with digital creator Chinese Kiki was posted by Edgar Obare where she admitted to the affair and the information leaking.

This live interview happened days after the leaked screenshots went viral.

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She said,

“Shit huhappens but it is the past. people move on with their lives. yes, it happened and ended. gossipers will talk, let them make money. Mtu asionge kile kitu hawajui kilihappen, the gossipers will talk and add salt they can go on to make money talking.”

Asked if she would like to clarify the information about their affair that was posted online, she said,

“Hiyo story ishahappen imepita, people should focus on their life. What happened, happened and I will not explain why and I will not give any reason why because it happened, you read (the screenshots) and now that is the past.”

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Margaret also denied that she is called Wanyama, yet she shared an online certification of a course she did in Bahrain. Then deleted the post. Check it out below.

She continued with the interview saying she doesn’t want to be asked about the expose because,

“Kitu ilihapen ishahappen and it is something that is personal and they don’t even know what happened, that made me make the decision. There is always two sides to the story. People are just looking at that and saying, ‘Ohh I exposed him.’ and they don’t even know what happened behind the closed curtains.”


“You don’t know what we were talking about for it to get to that level.secondly, they were told. the first one was asked and talked shit and the second one as well. what remained was, they were given a 24 hour period to respond. and they did not. I gave Edgar Obare the receipts and told him to do as he pleased as it is his page.”

When she reached out to Mpasho, we asked Margaret to present the OB number of the police report about the lady who hacked her account and impersonated her.

We also requested that she give us the lady’s last known contacts we can reach her on for a follow-up on a right of reply.

Miss Wanyama had none.

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Anyhow, Margaret has now announced that she will ho on her IG live to give her side of the story.


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