Size 8 and DJ Mo

DJ Mo has said that before he and his wife started dating they were very good friends something that has made them stick together.

Speaking on their reality show ‘Dining with the Muraya’s, he said,

‘Before we even started dating we were very good friends.

She would call me even when she was feeling low, I used to assure her that everything would be OKay.

I would also send her gospel mixes to listen to.’

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Speaking on what he loves about his wife Size 8, he said,

‘I love the fact that she is beautiful, very God fearing plus she has given me very beautiful kids.’

In an interview with DJ Macdee TV, DJ Mo praised his wife for having not looked down on him when they were dating despite the fact that she earned more than he did.

‘When we started dating I had nothing.

We have parted so many times but we always get back together.

If as a couple none of you has ever packed for a day or two then one of you is not being real.

The comeback is always real.

Packing and living a few days in marriage is normal, but we know how to work it out after all marriage is for better for worse.’

His advise to people is,

‘Marry your best friend and be ready for anything. We are not perfect. The problems people go through is what we are going through as well.’

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