Size 8 and DJ Mo

DJ Mo and Size 8 were blessed with their bundle of joy in November 2015 which broke the internet everyone sending congratulatory messages their way.

The cute Ladasha will be turning two this year and we all can’t get enough of her, in fact you should here her laugh.

That aside, the cute girl was hanging out with their family friend Ngugi who is a political strategist and by the look of things he really enjoyed the hang out!

The political strategist further went to his social media page posting a picture of him and Ladasha asking the celebrity couple to give him their daughter.

This is what he wrote:

…Size8 na DJMo sasa hapa itabidi mnipe Ladasha mtafute mwingine.She is a jovial gal..”

DJ Mo further went and replied:”Hahahah chukua

No one can ever give out their kids, one Ngugi might have forgoten the phrase “..Mtoto si nguo utaomba mtu…”