DJ Mo & Size 8

DJ Mo has been the target of every feminist and their bitter aunt ever since he took exception with an article Njoki Chege wrote about him after he opened up in an interview about how he put Size 8, his wife, through a series of tests before deciding she was the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

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Anyway, DJ Mo did a 180-degree turnaround and apologized after having first fired salvos at Njoki Chege. That said and done, he has decided to move on with his life and not be a sensitive Sammy always getting butthurt by all the comments people make about him.

DJ Mo’s endeavor to move on with his life sees him celebrate his marriage and wife after 4 years of marital bliss and I for one am happy for them. What is it Christians say,

“Lord, prepare for me a banquet in the presence of my enemies!” 

This was the message he shared with his fans about his wife:

Siamini…#TheMurayas -Today is our 4th Year Marriage Anniversary.

In fairy tales and na movie za Hollywood, people marry and live happily ever ever after. In real life marriage is far from that. As I write this, I am torn between laughing, wailing or saying, if I made it this far, there is a God.
While my Marriage to Linet @size8rebornwa Mo has not been a walk in the park tuko na plus kibao. We have been through ups and downs, many lows and highs but we are still here.

There are times I have driven so far away trying to get away from my wife’s craziness only to feel her irreplaceable presence during the drive and long to find her at my destination.
My wife cooks the best food I have ever tasted na najua mara mob, if I was her trying to cook for a husband like me, ningekuwa nisha weka ratrat 😞 coz I know I have driven her up all sorts of walls (Jericho notwithstanding 😃) but her wisdom, love, patience and commitment to our marital journey is unwavering. (hapo nayo nimelia kiasi)

Baby, of the hundred admirers, rich people, better looking or more popular guys you’d have chosen, you chose me. Simply put, it’s mind boggling if not exceptionally humbling to be your hubby. I am honored to do life with you hard as it maybe. Thank you for choosing me, continually loving me just as I am and calling out the greatness in me.
My before you showed up and now are like night and day. I am a better man and sometimes I wonder how I made it through life without you.
In you I have found a friend, a cheerleader, a mother, a comforter, a challenger of course na wazimu. From the bottom of heart, I can’t think of anyone better naweza taka kuzeeka na yeye.

You are perfect as you are and I have learned to love your good, bad and Lord, your uglies.

I can talk of our lovely baby daughter all day, but today, if you didn’t choose me, she wouldn’t be. So mami, here’s to the 4th year of grinding and figuring out this thing called life together.
I have learnt that without humility, marriage haiwezi work. I am more responsible and accommodating. I’ll be successful as far as yuko around.
I love you my wife 😍
Happy 4th anniversary baby.