Muraya Jnr

Muraya Junior son to DJ Mo and Size 8 is celebrating his first birthday.

The two have showerd him with love on social media, describing how he is a miracle baby.

His father DJ Mo wrote;

Happy birthday Son @muraya.jnr .
You are a fighter . .. and so ..
May the Lord give you favor , true happiness , surround you with peace and prosperity .May Almighty protect you from eyes and plans of evil doers .
It’s been a journey and you have all blessings from us as the parents . You will be great and you will be the best and you will have a huge impact in your generation .
You are a blessing you us mum @size8reborn &I and we will be here for you now matter what .
We love you mtoto wa Topadetop .

Mo then shared a photo of his progress. After his birth Muraya Jnr was taken to ICU

Muraya Jnr

Size 8 on the other hand revealed that she almost died due to acute stroke.

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY @muraya.jnr 💕😍🥰💗💝

Am in tears but this time tears of joy. Woi look at my God. This pregnancy was not easy I almost died and was having multiple acute strokes due to extreme pre eclampsia and strange neuron functions being put on oxygen and magnesium to save both my life and @muraya.jnr . Thru c section He was born 34 weeks straight to the ICU and the 2nd night in the ICU he almost died now look at My God HALLELUJAH who be like Jesus!!! #Godwins NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!
We are one year old today. Mummy loves you @muraya.jnr you are symbol of Gods mighty power!! cc @djmokenya

Size 8 and her son

Celebriting this young superstar, Wahu wrote,

“Happy birthday young man! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕”

Singer Weezdom added; “Happy Birthday to the young King💯🙏”

From us is happy birthday to you Muraya Jnr.

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