DJ Mo and Size 8

In a century when men are embracing birth control measure such as vasectomy, DJ Mo says he can’t do such a thing.

According to the father of two, he is an African man and thus he needs convincing as to why he should go under the knife and have his jewels neutralised.

The doctor told me about it but I told him bado sijakubaliana nayo.

As an African man I do not understand why I should take one for the team?.

I have never heard of such a thing and so don’t blame me’

Fans were quick to ask DJ Mo to take one for the team as it’s never that serious.

We have to wait and see if he will give in to the pressure.

‘One minute she was alive the next she was dead’ Andrew kibe on losing the woman he was to marry

Unlike men, women have different family planning options but truth is, they all work differently for different people.

Some add weight, others get irregular menstrual cycles while others bleed continuously.

Vasectomy is advisable for men as its side effects are almost nil.

Most men are however afraid of the fact that vasectomy is almost irreversible.

But if you love your woman and want to focus on providing the best for your kids, vasectomy is the go-to method.

Would you as a man agree to a vasectomy to ease the contraceptives burden on your wife?

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