Size 8 and husband

The Muraya’s are asking for help on how to salvage their marriage as it has become a competition to duplicate what others are doing.

According to DJ Mo there are things his male friends are done for by their wives that Size 8 never bothers to do.

‘Unajua Mike? the wife comes with juice at the door.

Jose naye the wife washes his legs when he comes home.

Ken T hanaga kitu but bibi yake hupiga magoti akimserve.’ Said DJ Mo

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Further adding that Size 8 goes to all her friends to copy what they are doing so she can come implement it at their home.

‘You are petty and this marriage cannot work. She has gone to all her friends and wants me to do the same thing.

You don’t want us to go with our own speed you just want to duplicate other people’s marriage.’ He lamented

Size 8 was not convinced thus she responded

‘Mkono mtupu haulambwi. You have to carry something when you are coming home.

Plus I talked to Ken T’s wife and she told me that even though her hubby hana kakitu his words are like roses.

Anaongeanga vizuri,ni kama anakubembeleza.’

Well these two have to learn to run their marriage at their own pace , otherwise watahema trying to keep up with other people.

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