DJ Mo eating the pizza

Dj Mo has been on our screens for many a year. The DJ who is married to fellow celeb Size 8 has a lot to thank God for.


Apart from the immense financial success he has had over the years, he also has a solid marriage and a wonderful daughter from it. We recently interviewed the widely admired DJ.

Size 8 and Dj Mo
With his beautiful wife

We inquired on whether he and Size 8 were considering having more kids? In his response he left the matter up to the almighty saying:

Growing the family we leave that to God, but we wouldn’t mind another one.

With his daughter Ladasha

The man is also trying to build a strong social media presence as well through which he can mentor the youth. He explained:

I have many people am mentoring. keep it always on my social media for more info 

Another question was whether he would ever consider joining politics. His answer:

Yes, to just help the youth.

And it seems it doesn’t stop there for the DJ Mo in helping youthful entrepreneurs. The DJ recently tried to help out a new pizza entrant in the market by trying to gobble up their largest pizza on offer.


The gigantic pizza is 43 inches by 43 inches and It’s said to be the largest in East and Central Africa.
DJ Mo and CEO of Samchi group only managed to eat 15 pieces out of allocated 436 giant pieces.

DJ Mo eating the pizza

The pizza is only found at Heavenly Foods Restaurant. In order to challenge the record, one has to eat the 6 flavours in 6 minutes. Is this one way that DJ Mo is increasing his clout with the public?

DJ Mo eating the pizza

Would you try the Heavenly Pizza like the Crossover DJ did?

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