DJ Mo husband to gospel artiste Size 8 has come to her defense after social media ‘moral police’ attacked her for allegedly posing in a bikini.

Mo had shared a photo of his wife but like always some Kenyans were quick to bash her with some stating that as a christian she should not rock a bikini.

As if expecting advise from the moral police, Mo captioned

Huyu ni wa Topa and she can’t swim na kitenge 😂.
Unaweza sana babe 😍😍😍 @size8reborn

Below are some of the reactions with one from a man identified as Kong’ani Malingu rubbing Mo the wrong way.

That picture for a Gospel musician is a total shame bro please delete. The swimming kit is cool but she is not just a Gospel artist she is God’s servant and this is total shame if she can be seen in public looking like this.’Malingu advised

To which DJ Mo responded

‘Kong’ani Malingu,advice your wife bro ….. stuff of God you can’t teach me I know better.’

DJ Sadic who is also a gospel artiste was quick to sarcastically add

‘You are born again.

Why is your wife swimming in such a costume? You should teach her at an early age. She needs to swim in a dress plus stockings and gum boots.?

Fans have however defended Size 8 stating that just because she is a Christian does not mean she can’t have fun.

After all unafaa kuswim na kanzu?

Below are some of the comments

Celdine Johns:  its a swimming pool actually u r the one sinning u r looking at her in provocative way instead of just viewing it fr what it is swimming


Binti Nekesa: Enda shitaki yeye kwa Pope Francis naona umehuzunika saana kana kwamba picha niya bibi chako.
Celdine Johns: Kong’ani Malingu, its a swim suit unataka avae dera kwa swimming pool?
Pelekeni mabibi out mjue izi vitu bro treat your woman and uta learn some general things happening outside the four walls of your home bibi si ovacado una incubate kwa nyumba asiii.

People should learn that there is a time for everything and even Christians are allowed to have some fun.

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