Two years ago, a lady by the name Ruth Kamande was accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend, Mohammed 22 times. DJ Mo comes out to defend her.

The news came as a shock to many and was traumatizing as well. She was arrested and taken to Langata Women’s Prison.

Last year, she contested for the Miss Langata beauty pageant and won. Of course many people had their opinions on the matter considering what she was in prison for.

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Dj Mo

Kenya’s fast rising gospel disk jokey DJ Mo visited the women’s prison and took a photo with Ruth which he posted on social media. But his followers were not happy about it as they thought he shouldn’t have done that.

One fan asked DJ Mo if Ruth was repentant and she should be publicizing her reparation not her beauty.

Well DJ Mo has come out to clear the air about the photo and even defended her from the public’s wrath.

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Speaking exclusively to Kiss FM website, DJ Mo said, “I went to Langata Women’s Prison to support women and she’s a woman. I don’t really care what she does, she’s in cell. I support all women regardless, that’s one. Two, let’s not see someone else’s sins. Some of us we have so many things tumenyamazia chini its only that people don’t know. Let’s not start throwing stones because someone alishikwa and maybe alikua amejam akistab huyo mwanaume. So the fact remains she’s in custody sahi and I went there to celebrate women it’s only that we know her.”

He added, “Otherwise hao wengine wamefungwa huko coz wakona makosa fulani, but sisi wenye hatujashikwa we have so many sins that don’t even show up so anyone can be forgiven. I shared that photo because she’s a woman and we were celebrating women. Three, let’s learn not to throw stones  to people. They have so many sins that people don’t see.”

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DJ Mo also believes that she deserves a second chance from the public.

“Everyone deserves a second chance. Actually, hata sisi if you want God to forgive you, we pray for forgiveness, so she deserves a second chance. Sin ni sin and she deserves a second chance just like anyone.”