Size 8 and DJ Mo

A close source to DJ Mo and Size 8 has disputed claims that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks.

Rumour has been going on that the DJ Mo allegedly cheated on his wife after screenshots of his chats with a city woman were shared by blogger Edgar Obare.

“There was nothing where they talked about sex. She was one of the ladies who inbox celebrities randomly. DJ Mo’s point was “he fears women after a few people he knew were exposed by women.”

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Asked why Size 8 doesn’t follow her husband on Instagram and this raised eyebrows.

‘Size 8 has never followed DJ Mo on Instagram because it doesn’t make sense and they live together. people on social media only realize after these rumours went viral,’ the source explained.

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The Mateke hit singer and her kids are currently lodging at a city hotel and responding as to why the disc jockey wasn’t with his family, the source said,

Bountiful has a package for mothers and kids only. That’s why DJ Mo couldn’t go with them they have different packages some for couples only and that’s why you see celebrities go on vacation and leave their kids behind. Mbona vile some celebrity mothers huenda vacation with kids without their husbands watu huwa hawongei?

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