DJ Evolve

Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve is still in a critical condition. The disc jockey who was shot in the neck by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on 17 January at B Club, is fighting for his life at Nairobi Hospital’s ICU.

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The family is worried about their son’s health and are struggling to pay the bill despite the court having ordered the controversial politician to pay Ksh10m million to cater for DJ Evolve’s treatment.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi ordered Babu Owino to pay the cash in installments of Ksh2.5 million per month until the disc jockey recovers fully.

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According to the family, the only bill the lawmaker paid was Sh600,000 he paid before he was arrested but since his release, he has failed to clear any bills.

His medical bill has shot to Ksh7.5 and his family is having sleepless nights and can’t raise it.


He’s unable to talk and doctors are relying on pipes to feed him. His health isbn’t okay and Nairobi hospital keeps calling the mother to start paying the bill..’ a family member told NTV.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi has already withdrwan from the case.

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Kenyans have reacted to the sad news about DJ Evolve’s critical condition and reactions include;

Stanley Mativo With enough evidence owino is free God fight for the poor in this world

Tricia Njoki You vote for them then later, they take you in grave??! 😡
Let us be wise my fellow Kenyans.🤔

McMagix The guy should be sued to the last cent

Jaq Let’s hope the best for him justice for him later .paybill for him now

Noemi Plus Since then babu ink (owino)has learnt 2 coil his tail, but 2 late my friend. Wages of sin is death. Around the corner. Your day days shall come 2 an end and the makende which you used to call Dp Dp ndiyo tayari zime shring. Malipo ni hapa. My fren pesa na siasa chafu ni mbaya.

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