Social media will be the death of us.

Gigagagagaga! Mercy Myra’s Ex Hubby Disses Her Badly On Social Media After Divorce

A mother has come out on social media begging anyone to help advise her. She claims that her hubby wants to divorce her because she dropped her child while chatting on the phone. The fall left her son with a permanent scar on his face.

The city woman writes

“Help me my home is tearing apart. My husband has sent me packing just because our son fell of my hands while I was chatting on the phone. He was bruised a little but he is fine now.

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But ever since then any little thing I do he calls me a killer, a careless mother most especially when he sees me with my phone. I have apologies to him but he said he can’t get over it each time he sees the scar on our sons head. Yesterday he asked for a divorce telling me he can’t do this anymore he is done with the marriage. I am very sorry, I don’t mind to stop using phone for the rest of my life if it will make him happy.”

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