Mercy Masika questions murder of young women

Award-winning gospel singer Mercy Masika’s heart is bleeding for the young women who have been brutally murdered in the recent past.

From Ms. Anne Wanjohi, the 23-year-old was killed by police constable Simon Njoroge Njau in Nairobi’s city centre in September last year after she refused to marry him to Monica Kilmani who was killed last week in Kilimani, Nairobi, young women’s lives are in danger.

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Taking to social media. Mercy Masika shared a photo of Daily Nation’s front page which had highlighted the women who’ve been butchered so young and her message was touching. She wrote:

This is not the only cases. They are so many women who have suffered this. It disturbs me greatly.

Inviting her followers to share ways in which such cases can be handled and avoided;

How do you think this can be sorted, share below👇

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monnybrendah It starts with us ladies.. let us not be so greedy & be after money..these men r married men as well they just want to fulfil their fantasies that’s all..wewe na kiherehere yako unaanza kudemand mbona wives wao hawako kwa mix


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Danrobertoffical: Counselling is the key . Let’s introduce counseling programs from schools to churches.

Ngige Esther: Let’s start educating young men to be gentle by starting up mentorship programs for them. And young ladies to defend their positons and worth in life

pat.rich_key Simple women should eat their sweat period work hard for themselves what a man can do a woman can do better period!

mikekandaba @mercymasikamuguro I think shida iko kwa our young sister they need to know how to be independent, they should stop hawa masponsor
naomiwawudaIts so sad,kept me awake last night …i dont even understand what is!

lucie_serero If you see Nassisistic signs in you partner… Run for your life 🏃🏃‍♀️ please 🙏

obedmairura First is fear of the Lord.Second appreciate your background. Third is to work hard.

ruto ladies have a problem on their own…if they can open their hearts

mwanzialucky Come on guys,u can’t be blaming all of these upon men

johnsonrwigeThe devil has come in like a flood .corruption,abuse of office we need to intercede Is51:16
michael_kahuraSadly this will never end….we live in capitalist world…demand and supply lead the way…expect such more cases…just been realistic

noreenmeja Girl child should focus on education, even with a little her parent gives to her. We should appreciate our parents effort other than running into sponsors and the end result is death. Also women empowerment should be encouraged and more talks about the same.
mutatiakisitumaThis are the people who need short cuts in their lives not knowing its risky

stanleynjeru Some of these young ladies are dying of their greed and poor bringing up by their parents. In most of the cases these ladies are killed by their so called sponsors who are the age of their fathers and grandfathers. Mothers should always advise their daughters on some of these things. Let them respect the elders and avoid greed for money coz some of these sponsors have expired minds and are tired of bringing up their children. Why do you girls use pregnancy trap to get their money? If these young girls continue dating old men or other men because of their money, I don’t see this changing.

blessdallan Start mentorship from the day one a boy child is born that women are not a toy sex tool to be manipulated at any given time..they are human beings…a person called a woman is a source of blessing to a house or should be taught that any single drop of a woman cry has a accountability in God..let’s treat women as our sisters,wife’s to be and a mother to be..

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elliotzsa Revival is needed in Kenya. Wickedness can only be sort by the Holy Spirit

salimuziq We are in the last days and 2nd Timothy records the perilious times shall come so are this.. 2timothy 3:1-4,and also in Matthew 24:12 says,and because of iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.meaning when people kill they no longer care coz iniquity has hold them bound they can’t get out of it is a snare to them and is like they enjoy in that sin. So the only way to sort this killings is not going to the streets saying Human Rights nope… We need to return to God and repent and cry and mourn and fast as a nation as individuals and God who is in heaven will bring sanity back to our country and the world and our families. Look what Nineveh did when they heard the call of God of them to repent… Everything the babies, the animals even birds no food all of them faster and prayed meaningful and purposeful and God heard them and Nineveh got saved from God’s judgement.. So let’s return back to God on our knees and cry for our beloved sisters and children… Blessings

joyclaramburu It depends with how we take care our children from first day up to adult hood

archiebellad It disturbs me too as a mother . as parents we should teach our children both boys and girls how to walk with the Lord in there lives. Children imitate what you do not what you say. Mothers let’s pray for our children. Prayer covers them wherever they are.

conciergelawyer It is so sad that these days this is the news. Its almost as if it’s normal. Very heart wrenching

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eliaskamuiruThese young ladies also should knw we are in a strange world….sio anaenda univesity 1st year anaanza kudrive range and furthermore the parent is not concerned about where she is getting this cash from …there is a song by John demathew called “muhe kaburi”

daniverkyl Let’s also start educating our women to hustle independently and caste aside the practice of ‘sponsorship’. In all the cases highlighted by the Daily Nation, all those ladies were engaged to sponsors.

staceyomari This is a wake up call to every parent out there. It’s high time they get involved in their children’s life. You might have taught them the right morals, but in this day and age most people have access to social media. Everybody wants a good life but we all know that there’s no shortcut to having the good life. It’s either you work hard or” let people work hard on you” . We need to mentor our kids and be aware of what they do with their phones.

fatumasidiofficial So sad!
am_pk @mercymasikamuguro for the ladies who are still in campus, let them be careful by dating their equals or staying single. Not dating men who are old enough to be their fathers or grandfathers.

waithira_ngaruiya We should teach our girl how to work hard and enjoy the labor of their work and to be prayerful and to avoid expensive from old men coz they already had their life ,and money is not everything .be contented with little that one gets @mercy masika muguro👏

nwambui_eve To the young ladies I believe that it is wise to hold on to our moral values and also learn to work hard and eat from our grind. What is gotten easily it won’t stay for long.