On Sunday morning, actually, in the small hours of the morning, Nairobi D reality star Luwi Capello was involved in an accident on the Malindi Mombasa Highway.

You can read more details about that here:

Check Out The Vehicle Nairobi D’s Luwi Capello Was Travelling In When He Got Into His Accident

But no one has seen how badly injured Luwi was. And I guess this article would go to the naysayers who have been prattling on about this being a publicity stunt either for the show or Luwi Capello.

Muekeni Kwa Maombi! Socialite Pendo’s Boyfriend Involved In A Horror Car Crash (PHOTO)

The lad who is in a relationship with Pendo and had recently been enjoying the sun, ocean and beach with his lady love ran afoul of lady luck and the car he was travelling in got an accident. Luwi at the time was seated in the back left passenger’s side which was the side worst affected by the impact when the car lost control and hit a tree.

Anyway, check him out below as he had difficulties breathing: