‘God can only come to you through the word of mouth’ — that’s how a Venezuelan pastor started his sermon, before luring his congregation into the ungodly act. The pastor, from Sovrino Valdeci ministries, shocked his congregation after he started calling in female members of the church into his office and told each to suck his private parts until the holy milk came out.

The male members, though shocked with this act, remained calm and let their wives and daughters cling onto his penis. He was ready to do anything at all costs, including letting the ushers sing praises outside the office as women went in one by one to receive the ‘holy milk’.

The pastor, however, took things a little too far when he told his male congregation to follow suit. The men descended on him with blows and kicks. Police came in to intervene, but as it is, the pastor continues to say, the Lord asked him to feed his congregation with his ‘holy milk’.

Check out a congregant’s reaction: