I want to share with you a post I found that was posted by a very disgruntled Blankets and Wine fan who claims they were there during the hey days. The letter is rather raw as the words are very visceral. this seems to be an old foggy complaining about not having somewhere to go be romantic at… Check out the letter below:


I am glad to say I was one of the pioneer guys who attended blankets wine. Ahem. Lakini these daaaaaaaays……….I cannot kanyaga huko ata niwekewe bundiki kwa kichwa. When blankets and wine started, it was all about couples having simple picnicking infront of a performing band. It was about genuine, soulful romance. I mean soulful romance in that while you are sitted on the grass with only a bottle of wine, some packed kuku fry and your partner, you were screened off and protected from the usual flamboyance and extravagance which other dating fads at the time used to brand themselves as. Yani blankets and wine was meant for people who believed that there was more to dating and having fun than simply taking a chic to Hilton, Sankara, Tribes, Ole Sereni and blowing your your account plus pesa za kuleta stock asubuhi all in the name of presenting yourself to a chic and to onlookers as something you are not.


However, lately, Blankets and Wine has been infested with wannabes. Watu wamebebe upuzi za Licor Regency wameleta hapa hivi. The place is even laborious to attend. The guys who were trash-talking blankets and wine those days are now the ones who are litering the venue with their asses hadi there is no place to even place your blankes siku hizi. Yani you find a dude who has chucked from Zimmerman amekuja hapa ameshindwa hata kufungua chupa ya wine!!! You find a chic from Umoja amekuja kuonyeshana ati ‘I have a Chihuahua and it looks cuter than your Chihuaheno’. The days for fancy and simple Kikoys have now been replaced with skinny chics with minis wanting to show off how beaten up their pusssssssssies are. Now there are chics who just want to walk around naked in the name of ‘Hey….watch me do my theng’. Where now will the genuine soul lovers who know that romance is more than just show and tell go? Tutabaki na nini jameni???