Bahati and wife

Diana Marua confessed to a dirty secret that many women do in swimming pools. Peeing in there.

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In one of her recent vlogs, Diana and her husband Bahati were on a short vacation in Chale Island and while sitting next to each other at a swimming pool, the father of three asked,

Before you become petty, I want to be pettier. How many times ushawai kojoa kwa maji ya swimming pool?.

His wife responded saying,

“Kukojoa nakojoa all the time as long as I’m in I just do it…. but umenifundisha ughetto we’ve become one. So we go with the flow.

Bahati and Diana

This ignited mixed reactions online and below are some of the comments

John Gakonyi This is the reason poverty will never end in Kenya and forever blaming president Uhuru yet the head is full of kukojoa stuff

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Alice Apondi I do it too. There’s no problem peeing in a pool

Lilian Nancy kwani anakojoa juice

Mwangi Maina Useless couple. Kama hamna kitu ya kufanya fukuzeni locusts

Mary Gm Heri ingekuwa kwa kitanda ingemake sense kidogo but upuzi huo

Sharley Comfort 😂😂😂😂😂woooooowwww Diana ati all the times you in the pool you pee😂😂 seems more of a guilty pleasure.

Pauline Mulewa Beauty without brains.

Syombua Pretty Queen hii ni utoto.

Lailah Salim Sasa huu ni upuuzi gani kama unakojoa sasa tufanye nini.

Dennis Nyamane Reason why I don’t swim.

Esther Atieno Shame on you.

Saint Recho Kojoa hata ukunie that’s not a surprise!!

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