Different shoes represent different characteristics. Funny as it may sound it is actually true the difference is that some are classy some are not.

Below are the different types of shoes women wear and what they say about them.

  1. High heels.

A classy high heel shows a woman is confident and sure about her self.

It shows that a woman has her sh#t together. Sadly we have seen some ladies on the streets of Nairobi struggling to walk.

If you cannot walk in heels, just stick to flat shoes.

Kumbe hivi ndivo mnaskianga? Asks bahati as he enjoys champagne in his birthday


2. Rubber shoes.

They are comfortable, affordable and reliable.

Rubber shoes show that a woman has too much on her hands hence she wants to be comfortable enough to run around.

Fena Gitu

3. Sandals

Classy sandals that prove a woman is confident enough to flaunt their legs and cute toes. And well not just any sandals, acahana na zile za mia mbili.

Julie Gichuru

‘Respect my family’ Somali guy alleged to be Betty Kyallo’s lover pleads

4. Wedges.

Wedges shows that a lady is playful, daring and mostly a party person.

Wedges come in very handy when out with friends, hazichokeshi.


5. Loafers.

Loafers ooze class, they show that the person rocking them loves fine things and that is why good quality loafers don’t come cheap.


6. Floaters/ CDF/ Crocs

Lord! Don’t I hate such shoes?!

They are mostly worn by people in the village because they are multi-purpose.

Such shoes show that someone is a hustler and still trying to make ends meet, which is not a bad thing.

7. Boots

Boots show that a woman is adventurous. Ready to go wherever fun calls.


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