Maina Kageni

Time and time again we have heard Maina Kageni’s co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i ask him to get married.

Truth is Maina is not in a rush to tie the knot, he might not even have an interest in getting married.

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Here are the major reasons why Mwalimu wants Maina to get married.

1-To get a companion

Mwalimu thinks that Maina needs a companion in this life.

Why live a lonely life when you can get someone to share it with?

2. To understand the dynamics of marriage

Many times Maina has defended women when it comes to matters marriages. Hence the tag women rep.

Mwalimu King’ang’i feels that at times Maina defends women without knowing where the shoe pinches the most.

So he is of the opinion that for Maina to understand marriage and how it works, he should get married first.

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3- To get someone to spend his money on

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, Maina should find someone to spoil once in a while, like Mwalimu spoils Mwongeli.

4-To sire kids

One reason people get married is for procreation, so if Maina wants to ‘fill the earth’ as God commanded, let him get married.

Truth is, we all would love to see Maina get married tuone kama atawezana.

Atajua hajui.

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