It’s been weeks since the untimely death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai, after falling down the stairs in Lamu.

Although she and her older sister Anerlisa rarely flaunted each other on social media, they shared many similarities.

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1- Both loved working out

Tecra loved yoga, it was what kept her body active.

Anerlisa loves working out with a trainer, so keen is she that she has an app that helps people loose weight.

2- Tecra hated the limelight, Anerlisa loves it

Anerlisa lives for the Instagram likes, and she is so keen about it that every photo has to be perfect.

Tecra on the other hand, kept away from the limelight, and it’s only after her death that most of her photos surfaced online.

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3- Tecra was not so keen on business

Anerlisa is keen on business and has been managing her own hustle selling bottled water.

4- They were both travel fanatics

Having been born in a wealthy family, they both loved touring the world.

5- They were the only girls in the family

That explains why they were so close.

6. Tecra loved keeping her relationships off social media while Anerlisa enjoys flaunting hers every chance she gets.

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