Mariam and Amanda

The family of the victims of the  Likoni ferry tragedy is at peace at last, after bodies of their family members Mariam Kighenda and daughter Amanda Mutheu were retrieved from the Indian ocean on Friday afternoon.

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The operation, which took 13 days, saw Kenya navy team up with private divers from South Africa to retrieve the car and the victims’ bodies.

Mariam Kighenda and Amanda died together in a bond made of love. Investigators had a hard time separating the bodies. The two were found in at tight embrace at the back seat.

Joho, while addressing the press at Likoni ferry told the public to stop speculating the cause of the accident, saying  “ajali ni ajali” [an accident is an accident].

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The vehicle clearly shows it’s in parking mode and not otherwise as many claimed that she might have reversed.

Mariam Kighendi car

Mariam Kighendi car

Reactions from Kenyans include;

Tasha Sasha Walisema she reversed 😭😭but the car clearly shows iko parking I mean how!!!Rest in peace beautiful souls😭alafu they say Mariam and daughter embraced each other kwa backseat,so that means she gave up akaruka place mtoto alkua amekaa,they embraced each other waiting for death 😭😭😭this is so painful

Brace Wairimu  My heart breaks for this mother, knowing that there is nothing she could do to save her child

Joan Jay maybe she tried to stop the car akijaribu kujiokoa..

Nancy Kimeria RIP she probably panicked and put it in P when it started sinking this is so sad😭😭

Ann Wangari The thought of her seeing death but can’t do anything just to hold her daughter and die together, just gives me heart ache…that’s sad, omg

Ziada Mwajuma I can’t hold back my tears. Mungu aiweke roho ya Miriam na Amanda pema penye wema.

Millie John This is the most traumatising incident i have ever encountered. May their soul rip

Wangui Wangui She most likely tried to take it back to parking but it was too late?

Naomie Mwangangi I’m trying to imagine the last words she told her daughter as the vehicle went deep

Gloria N Mwikali Maybe she put the parking gear after noticing they were reversing… But yote ni ya Mungu… Hii kisa has carried me far… RIP beauty