To celebrate his 28th birthday, DK Kwenye Beat gave an exclusive interview to Massawe Japanni of Radio Jambo.

He spoke about how the threesome and herpes scandal impacted on his spiritual, personal and work life.

“This scandal cost me my reputation, friends and business deals. The only thing I did not loose is God.”

Asked what his take is about the threesome scandal, DK said,

“I’m not sick. I’m not a rapist. All those who have shown me support, I love you event those who have trolled me and continue to do so, I love you.”

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DK then went on a rant against the gospel artistes who were on the forefront of pushing for the scandal to come out.

DK Kwenye BeatHe told Massawe that 5% of the people involved in tarnishing his name are gospel artistes who own creatures from hell called “jinis”.

“I will not forgive those gospel artistes involved in pushing this scandal to the fore. Even the Bible says witches should not be given a chance to live. I pray you die and drink your own blood. I will not pray for peace and grace upon your life.

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DK Kwenye Beat aka Stamina daddy
DK Kwenye Beat and Bahati

Adding, “I know you have genies (majini) because they visit me even at night begging me to leave them alone.”

Asked what he has learned throughout this entire debacle. DK said, without blinking.

“Sina marafiki! (I do not have friends.)”

He continued, “The only people who stuck by me are  Size 8, DJ Mo, Bahati, he used to come and stay with me and leave very late at night and Ringtone, he was with me even in the hospital.”

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