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The past weekend was a really great one for Diamond Platnumz and his family.

Diamond and Zari have a tradition where they hold a party for their kids when they are 40 days old. They held a party for Tiffah when she turned 40 days old and it was time for their son, Nillan, to also be the center of attention.

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They held the party at Diamond’s house in Madale, Dar es Salaam. The event saw the who’s who in the industry attend as well as family and close friends.

Even though it was Nillan’s party, Tiffah also had her turn in the limelight. She looked amazing with a unique hairdo and clothes that had the same details as those of her parents.

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But no matter what you do, there’ll always be one grown a** human being who will have an issue, even when the situation is not about them. Well, welcome to this place we call ‘Hater’s Heaven’.


Huddah Monroe went onto Snapchat with a cryptic comment which we think was aimed at Zari for braiding her daughter’s hair. Feel free to disagree, though… Her main “concern” was that a kid’s head shouldn’t be strained with hairstyles.

Huddah Monroe wrote, “I don’t understand why people braid their kids hair! Leave the kids hair to grow naturally! Why strain such a beautiful soul though?