Diana Marua

Diana Marua spoke about her tough upbringing in an Instagram post today. The mother of one and Bahati’s wife detailed how God had kept her through those tough times.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

She wrote:

#TBT Our childhood was Tough 😭 One I wouldn’t wish to go back to regardless. Being raised by a single tough Dad, we lacked a mother figure all our life because of circumstances we couldn’t change or control. We lived each day by grace and faith that “whatever has a beginning must have an end.” I took a responsibility to be a ‘mother’ figure to my little sisters @glam_by_varl and @d_eimos Circumstances forced me to mature up and see things differently when I was very young. I used to cry myself to sleep questioning God why things had to be this way for us…. Not all days were tough, we held on to the little rays of sunshine that came our way occasionally… However, looking back, God is Good, God is Faithful, He made all things beautiful in His own time. I’m thankful I’m here for my children, giving them the life I never had and what’s more beautiful is that I can encourage anyone going through a tough time out there, that it’s just for a season… Every situation must come to an end. Never stop Praying, Trusting and Believing. He is a God of restoration

The image that accompanied her caption

Most of her followers were encouraged by her post. Some of the comments are below:

hadassahkaryme: Wow! sister you made my lunch soo touching and encouraging 🙏
lydiah.theuri: @diana_marua I now understand where your big heart comes from you are a strong woman.
trendingbahati: Mungu ni mwema
nyambunyash: Waaah Dee! People don’t know where you have come.from before they insult you. Continue soaring mama
suzzie.wanjohi: Woow thanks for those words 💞

Don’t forget that Diana’s mother died when she was a young girl.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua in a TBT with her mother

What is also interesting to note about her post is that her father who brought them up alone does not get any praise from Diana. Must wonder why? Hmmm?

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