‘Mama’ hit maker Bahati left many of us Wondering if he has taken to drinking given that he is a Christian and a gospel artist to add to that.

Bahati turned 27 days ago and we couldn’t help but be alittle bothered.

Diana Marua,Bahati’s wife had ordered for champagne,which was an uphill task for him to pop.

Bahati and Diana Marua on his 27th birthday

After almost 5 minutes of trying to pop the champagne¬† then decided ‘kutoa lock’ arguing that the drink was non alcoholic.

Kumbe hivi ndivo mtu anaskianga?WHEN I drink from the bottle I feel the way my friends Jaguar and Diamond feel.

The only difference is mine is LIKE holy Communion since it’s non alcoholic.’

Well that is not my problem,not that am hating Diana behaved too clingy.

Like she couldn’t¬† wait for the cameraman to get out of the room,to finish her business,if you know what I mean.

Bahati before you shoot the show toeni nyege kwanza.

We will never know whether the drink was alcoholic or not but chunga hata Willy Paul alianza hivi.

ION ,is it ok for Christian’s to pop champagne or should they stick to soft drinks?

Don’t they say better the devil (soft drink) you know than the angel (champagne) you don’t?